Pi Kappa Alpha is a brotherhood for life. Find information for alumni below.

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Alumni Dues

Alumni voluntary annual dues are $50, with a reduced dues option of $25 intended for those that are still in school, unemployed, or otherwise experiencing financial hardship. The primary purpose of the dues is to fund Homecoming and the overhead expenses of the Alumni Association. Surplus dues are put towards other alumni events and Chapter or Housing Corp projects.

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Alumni Boards

There are two elected alumni boards and one volunteer board that alumni can participate in. The Alumni Association Board and Housing Corporation Board are elected at Homecoming of each year and the Alumni Advisory Board is comprised of volunteers.

The Alumni Association Board is responsible for maintaining alumni connections after graduation from Rose-Hulman. This includes planning for Homecoming, regional events in cities with many alumni, and facilitating communications with alumni. The Alumni Association also coordinates donations to all Iota Delta entities, including the Chapter and Housing Corporation.
Alumni Association President – Nick Burger (since 2021)
Alumni Association Vice President – David Reamer (since 2021)
Alumni Association Treasurer – Jake Esau (since 2009)
Alumni Association Secretary – Greg Jackson (since 2021)

The Housing Corporation Board legally owns the Iota Delta Chapter House and Grounds and is responsible for making sure our grounds is a great place for the Chapter for generations to come. The Chapter leases the house from the housing corporation.
Housing Corp President – Nick Heshelman
Housing Corp Vice President – Elliot Bochnowski
Housing Corp Treasurer – Eric Schue
Housing Corp Secretary – Jonathan Kellerman

The Alumni Advisory Board is a volunteer group that assists members of the Chapter with various aspects of Chapter operations ranging from finances to mental health. Those interested in being involved should contact Mike DeVasher.
Chapter Advisor – Mike DeVasher
Finance Advisor – Jake Esau
Advisor – Brian Edmonson
Advisor – Jason Rodzik
Advisor – Brent Covele