Iota Delta Pikes

"Pike's Number One"

Pi Kappa Alpha is consistently number one in brotherhood, community service, philanthropy, academics, and housing.


Constant Brotherhood Events

The brothers of Pi Kappa Alpha are always spending time with each other, whether it’s at weekly brotherhood events such as volleyball and cookouts, or movie nights hosted in our lounge areas. In addition, the brothers are always willing to start spontaneous activities that are often funded by the brotherhood budget. Some brothers also regularly plan fun trips during breaks throughout the year including trips to Hawaii, an Aspen Ski Trip, and a Gatlinburg Adventure Trip.

Community Service

4784 Hours of Community Service

Pi Kappa Alpha is consistently the fraternity with the most community service hours on campus. It is not uncommon for people in the Terre Haute and Rose-Hulman community to reach out to us for help as their first option for community service opportunities, because they know that the Pike brothers are reliable and consistent. Some of our previous events include planting Trees for the local community, assisting in Blues Fest, building wheelchair ramps, and helping out at the Vigo County Library.


$43,000 Donated

Pi Kappa Alpha consistently organizes philanthropy events that give back to local organizations such as the Terre Haute Special Olympics. Our yearly firetruck pull event is consistently a popular event at both the ISU and RHIT campuses. In addition, we also help organize and coordinate other large events throughout the year.


Top Quarterly GPA

Pi Kappa Alpha is consistently one of the top GPA groupings on campus. When comparing quarterly GPAs, Pi Kappa Alpha has had the highest GPA for the entire year. Pi Kappa Alpha also has a dedicated academics chairman who is always available to assist in any academic matters, whether it’s organizing a tutoring session or helping find the right textbook.


Pi Kappa Alpha's House of the Year

Pi Kappa Alpha has the largest fraternity grounds in the world with just over 23 acres of land, 3 dedicated housing buildings, a barn suitable for auto work and storage, a dedicated party house, and a wood shop that is open to all brothers to work on projects. In addition to these things, there have been 3 fire pits setup on grounds so that brothers can enjoy the great outdoors not too far from their front door. There has also been a bike path created to Heritage Trail so brothers can do the 5 minute bike ride in order to get to campus.