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Current Windows

Like all old equipment, eventually repair costs can become more costly than the cost to replace the equipment itself. We are reaching that point now with the windows on the Main House. Many associate and senior class projects have focused on attempting to extend the life of the windows on the Main House, through stripping paint, repainting, and caulking gaps. Unfortunately, the current windows have deteriorating wood frames that require constant upkeep and inefficient single-pane glass.

Target Goal



Phase 1 – Completed

Phase 1 of the Windows project was to replace the south/front windows in the house. To complete the phase, we raised $15,000 + $5,000 in matching donor funds for a total of $20,000. The project came in slightly under budget (~$19,000) and the excess was carried over into Phase 2. Phase 1 was completed in the summer of 2019.

Phase 1 donors:

Matching Donor – Jake Esau


AnonymousGreg LaudickLaurence MerkleRyan Smeltzer
Brent CoveleJames JeffryesMark KazmierScott Gallmeier
Brian EdmonsonJames PurcifulMatthew SpurrScott McBrayer
David ReamerJason RodzikMichael CiroccoScott Terek
Dennis BarkerJohn KellermanMichael UlreySteve Barbian
Elliot BochnowskiJon PappNick CorkillThomas Hazelrigg
Geoffrey OngJonathan JungckNick HeshelmanTodd Pombert
Phase 2 – Fundraising Completed
Phase 2 of the Windows project was to replace the east/parking lot side windows in the house. To complete the phase, we raised over $25,000 + $7,500 in matching donor funds for a total of $32,500. Due to pandemic-driven construction inflation, we do expect the cost of this phase to exceed what was fundraised, but due to being slightly over the goal and a commitment from Housing Corp to cover the difference, we are planning to proceed. The Housing Corp is currently targeting a completion date of Summer 2022 for Phase 2.
Important note: Windows on the first floor with air conditioners will not be replaced until central AC is available on the first floor.
Phase 2 donors:
Matching Donor – Greg Jackson
Full list coming soon…
Phase 3 – On Hold
 Phase 3 of the windows project is to replace all remaining windows, mostly on the west side of the house. Due to relatively slow completion of Phase 2 and the need of central AC on the first floor to finish the project, the Alumni Association will be delaying the start of Phase 3 for now. We will continuously re-evaluate and proceed when the time is right.

The New Windows

The new windows meet or exceed Energy Star guidelines in all 50 states.While the new windows will look great, they will also significantly improve the energy costs in the house. For reference, a conservative efficiency rating of the current windows would likely have a U-Factor = 1.30, whereas the Impervia Double-Pane Windows boast a U-Factor of 0.29! We could expect about a 350% improvement in energy efficiency compared to the current windows.

"Thank You" Gift

Donors that donate more than $250 during the fundraising campaign may select a window to attach a short message with their name.

As each Milestone is completed, the highest donor will be able to select their window first, followed by the second-highest donor, followed by the third, and so on…

Window selections will restart as each milestone is achieved.

How to Donate

  • Use the standard donation form to donate via paper check, e-check, or stocks/securities. Be sure to direct your donation toward the “Windows Housing Project” in the form. You will be contacted by Jake Esau ( with details on how to process your donation. Securities cost a flat fee, depending on the security type. Paper checks are free to deposit.


Do we have to abide by any historical registry requirements?

The Housing Corporation has already confirmed that this project is within our rights to complete without jeopardizing any historical registry benefits.

What about the window air conditioners?

As of the summer of 2018, the second floor now has central air, so window air conditioners on that floor will be removed as windows are replaced. On the first floor, windows with window air conditioners will not be replaced until after central air is added to the first floor. Window air conditioners will not be allowed in the new windows.

Questions about the campaign or donating?
Contact the Alumni Association Treasurer Jake Esau.