The Iota Delta Chapter gratefully accepts donations from Alumni, Friends, and Family of our Chapter. 
All donations are handled by the Iota Delta Alumni Association and are distributed to the appropriate group (Chapter or Housing Corp) by the Alumni Association.

Donate via Wave

You can donate using a credit or debit card using Wave! Use the links below to make a donation to any of our affiliated entities or for one of the purposes listed. Change the amount of the donation by adjusting the quantity using the +/- in $25 increments.

Alumni Association: General Donation
Housing Corp: General Donation, Boiler House Demolition
Chapter: General Donation, Work Day, Fire Truck

If the specific thing you want to donate to is not listed and you want your donation dedicated to a specific purpose, you can make your donation as a general donation and notify the alumni association treasurer to direct it to a specific purpose.

Other Donation Options

For donations via other methods (check, e-check, or donations of securities), please use the Donation Form to get in touch with the Alumni Association Treasurer.

Tax Deductibility of Donations

The Iota Delta Chapter, Alumni Association, and Housing Corporations are all 501(c)7 non-profit organizations. While we do not pay taxes, donations to our organizations are not tax deductible under current law. The Alumni Association has explored options to establish a 501(c)3 foundation, but this has not happened and is not planned in the near future.

Capital Gains
Our organizations do not pay capital gains taxes when we sell securities. If you donate securities for which you would owe capital gains taxes to our organizations, we can sell those without paying any taxes! This increases your donation power. Use the Donation Form if you would like to donate securities.

Cost of Donations

The Alumni Association pays fees for many donation transactions. The fees charged to us by the various methods are in the table below. For larger donations, we request you please reach out to to the Alumni Association treasurer Jake Esau to determine the most cost-effective donation method.

AmountSquare (2.6% + $0.10)Wave Credit Card (2.9% + $0.60)Wave E-Check (1%, min $1)Cash/Check ($0)Securities ($0)